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Who what are we?

Located in St-Frédéric, in the heart of the Beauce region, 60 km south of Quebec City, Plasti-Tom inc. operates in the field of plastic injection and blow molding. Founded in 1999, the family business was sold in 2011 to Mr. Alain Mathieu and Mr. Richard Paris, seasoned entrepreneurs looking for a new challenge. Between 2011 and 2013, a number of improvements took place. In 2011, the company acquired 4 new 310- to 390-ton presses, and a 2,400-square-foot expansion was completed to reorganize production and administrative areas. All these changes have a single aim: to enable the company to be ready to develop new parts for the current market and for new niches. In 2022 and 2023, the company will make way for the next generation, with Mr. Yvérik Mathieu and Mr. Francis Fecteau as new shareholders. Our equipment includes 10 injection molding machines and 1 blow molding machine. Plasti-Tom specializes in the manufacture of polyethylene parts using 2 processes, injection and blow molding. Our products serve the construction world in various sectors, excavation, residential construction, commercial construction, condo building, road network companies, sanitation products and much more.

Our team


Alain Mathieu

Business development consultant
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Yvérik Mathieu

Owner / Operations Manager
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francis fecteau

Owner / Business Development
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