Slab Bolster

Slab Bolster sold by the foot or to your specifications.

  • Height: 0.75, 1.25 and 1 to 3 inches in 0.5 inch increments
  • Suitable for all rebar size
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List of available products:

ProductThicknessQuantity per bagQuantity per pallet
ECHEL-0750.75 in (19 mm)96 ft/bag7,392 ft/pallet
ECHEL-1001" (25 mm)96 ft/bag6,720 ft/pallet
ECHEL-1251.25" (32 mm)96 ft/bag6,720 ft/pallet
ECHEL-1501.5" (38 mm)96 ft/bag6,720 ft/pallet
ECHEL-2002" (52 mm)72 ft/bag4,536 ft/pallet
ECHEL-2502.5" (63 mm)72 ft/bag3,528 ft/pallet
ECHEL-3003" (76 mm)72 ft/bag3,024 ft/pallet