Based in St-Frédéric, in the middle of La Beauce, 60 km from Quebec City. Plasti-Tom is in the plastic molding industry, working with both blow molding and injection molding techniques. Founded in 1999, this family business was sold in 2011 to Alain Mathieu and Richard Paris, businessmen looking for a new challenge.

Between 2011 and 2013 many upgrades were made, in 2011 the company bought 4 new presses, from 310 to 390 tons. A 2,400 square feet expansion was also made in order to reorganize production and administration spaces. All these changes have only one purpose, to allow the company to be ready to develop new products for our current market and to open new opportunities. Our equipment fleet consists of 8 injection molding presses and 1 blow molding press. Plasti-Tom specializes in the fabrication of polyethylene parts by two processes, injection and blow molding. Our products serve the world of construction in various areas : excavation, residential building, commercial construction, condo building, commercial road networks, remediation products.